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  • icon 20 years

    Pedagogical expertise

  • icon 100%

    Teachers come from industry

  • icon 90%

    Students satisfied with their training (2020/2021/2022 years)


knowledge and know-how

ISART Digital provides a professional training that combines:

  • theoretical teaching in class
  • practical application through the realization of collaborative projects with several trades
  • field experience in the heart of production studios
  • practical experience at the heart of production studios

The school's pedagogical programs are focused on learning the "core" professional knowledge and skills required to enter the industry.

Students are given a great deal of creative freedom. The pedagogical supervision helps them to make the right decisions.


The acquisition of social skills is also at the heart of ISART's teaching. Students are trained to successfully integrate into production teams.

They are trained to lead a project alone or with others, to work in a team, to manage their time and workload, to communicate in French and English, to meet deadlines...

These skills are highly valued by recruiters. Once mastered, they greatly contribute to the student's long-term professional success.



Throughout their studies, students work on projects individually, in pairs or in multidisciplinary teams. Students learn to make production choices, to communicate with each other and to discuss their projects. This allows them to experience and understand the role of teamwork in a studio environment.


Students from the various courses work in constant interaction. Together in teams, they produce video games or 3D-FX animation films (all sounded by ISART's Music & Sound Design students for ISART Paris).

These artistic and technical exchanges stimulate student creativity and put them in situations close to professional reality.


Every year the school re-evaluates the relevance of our courses, stemming from a continuous exchange with people in the field (professionals, industry experts, etc.).


Keeping up to date with the market and innovations in technology and techniques allows us to anticipate future trends.


The year is punctuated by jams putting learning to the test: a week to create a short film or a video game. Students from different years collaborate, creating very strong bonds between them.



Our academic team is known for its expertise and passion for teaching. All instructors are experienced experts from the best studios in the industry.

They share their savoir-faire with students to foster creativity and to support projects.
They regularly follow up with students on an individual basis.

The teaching team is very attentive to ISART students' professional conduct and is in close contact with the Career Services Department, supporting its work with students and studios.



ISART cultivates openness to others and prepares students to take an active and informed part in society and industry.

In order to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow, each ISART student will be involved in different projects:

Human and Citizen Project, Work-study Entry Project, Professional Experience Presentation, Professional Specialization Presentation.