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Create films in 3D


High School Diploma + Entrance Exam




Level 7 RNCP + AEC - Master's Degree


600h of training + Internship


  • icon 47%

    Selection in the Admissions Test

  • icon_business_work 90%

    Employment rate of last three graduate classes

  • icon 90%

    Students satisfied with their course (2020/2021 years)


Become a 3D Artist / FX Artist

  • How do I become a 3D Artist / FX Artist ?

  • What employment opportinities are open to me ?

  • Entry requirements?

  • Admission to upper year?

  • What are the objectives of this 3D training ?

  • What skills will I acquire on the course ?

  • How am I taught ?

  • How am I assessed ?

  • Is this a work-study program ?

  • What qualification will I get?

Program taught in French

ISART's 3D training is composed of core subjects and a choice of 3D Animation or Special Effects options. Students can also follow a hybrid 3D course between Animation and Special Effects.

Throughout their studies they acquire the skills needed to work in the animation and special effects industry, mastering the methods used in the studio, from pre-production to post-production.

The Bachelor's degree is structured around the fundamentals of 2D and 3D, universe creation, character animation, photography, shooting and editing. The students realize several productions (individually or in groups) using different 3D image processing tools.

In a setting similar to a film studio, Master's students produce their end of studies film project while perfecting the necessary skills to rig, animate and compose the elements of a 3D film project.

This 3D training prepares students for various roles in 3D animation and special effects:


CG Supervisor | CG Generalist | FX Artist | FX Supervisor | 3D Animator | Environment Artist | Modeling Artist | Sculpting Artist | Lookdev Artist | Lighting Artist | Rigging Artist | Technical Director | Lead Compositor | Motion Designer | Digital Matte Painter | Rotoscoping Artist | Tracking Artist | Color Grading Artist | Previs Artist | Concept Artist | Storyboarder | Art Director

Candidates must have a high school diploma and pass the school admissions test. The admissions test consists of an interview, presentation of a portfolio and written tests.


It is possible to enter directly into the 2nd or 3rd year of the program, subject to the results obtained in the admission test.

Acquire the graphic and managerial skills related to the production of a 3D film to work in the industry of animated film and special effects for cinema and audiovisual:

  • To have an artistic and videogame culture
  • 2D and 3D creations, creation of universes, character animation, photography, shooting, editing,
  • Know how to communicate, organize and work in a team
  • Be able to master the work methods used in the studio from pre-production to post-production
  • Carry out benchmarking of the industry and productions in 3D Cinema
  • Artistically supervise the development phase of a project in 3D Cinema
  • Manage and artistically direct the pre-production phase of a project in 3D Cinema
  • Manage and artistically direct the production phase of a 3D Cinema project
  • Theoretical and practical teaching: lectures, application exercises, practical work, tutorials
  • Production of projects: monitoring and supervision by teachers during the realization of projects (end of year project, final major project)

The school has set up a fair and objective evaluation system:

  • Continuous Assessment (case studies, role-playing, presentations, demonstrations)
  • Project presentations (end of year project, final major project) in front of a school or professional jury
  • Written and oral evaluations in English
  • Professional experience report and presentation

The first year of the 3D Film course is full-time to prepare serenely for the entry into the work-study program. From the second year, students must develop their professional experience in a company through internships, short contracts...:

  • 13 weeks minimum: 2nd and 3rd years of the Bachelor's degree course
  • 13 weeks minimum :  year of the Master's degree course

The RNCP Level 7 title "Expert in digital design, 3D animation and special effects" is delivered at the end of the studies, based on the results obtained.

This Master's Degree validates the acquisition of business skills (hard skills), social skills (soft skills) and professional integration.

The program also leads to the Canadian AEC :
AEC NTL.2R 3D Artist for Film and Video Games
AEC NTL.1C Specialization 3D Artist for Cinema


A project-oriented pedagogy

  • Bachelor's year 1
  • bachelor's year 2
  • bachelor's year 3
  • Master's year 1
Full time


Program taught in French


  • Artistic culture Story of art, of styles | Culture of cinema, animation special effects and video games | Lectures on the fundamentals of image
  • Common Core Fundamentals of 3D | Animation | Digital Color | Observation Drawing | Human and animal morphology
  • Active English
  • Career Support

OPTION ANIMATION Character design | Sets Decorations | Nude drawing | Traditional color |  Sculpture | 3D stylized | Storyboard

OPTION VIDEO GAME Character design | Set decoration | Traditional color | Nude drawing | Sculpture | Real time optimized 3D | Level design skin | Engine integration

OPTION SPECIAL EFFECTS Photorealistic 3D | 2D & 3D VFX | Real-time optimized 3D | Photobashing 2D/3D | Photography | Photo retouching | Drawing of intention | Model of decor | Filming | Editing

  • Projects
    Development project visual: individual projects & presentations in a group
    Citizenchip project
  • Continuation of studies

The first year of the Bachelor's degree (Digital Art) is common to both 3D Cinema and Game Art. At the end of the year, students can join the second year of the Game Art, 3D Cinema (in Paris or Montreal) courses.


work-study program



  • 3D Creation
    Modelling | Textures | Lighting & Rendering | 3D Animation | Rigging | Script | Rendering | Setting the Stage | Editing


  • 2D Creation

Photo retouching | Motion Design | Morphology | Color

  • General and artistic culture

Design | Layout | Introduction to the digital image | Morphology human and animal

  • Visual development

History of Cinema, Animation and Special Effects


  • Active English
  • Career Support
  • Options to choose from

Advanced Rigging | 2D Animation | Digital photography | Character 2D Design | Matte Painting | Concept 2D Set | Shooting | Storyboard | Trucage | Vectorial Drawing


  • Projects

Rush 3D
Cine Week
End of year Project
Project of Entry in Alternation

  • Internship / Professional Experience

At least 13 weeks over the 2nd and 3rd Years of the program

work-study program


  • 3D Creation

3D Sculpture | Nodal textures | Lighting & Rendering | 3D Animation advanced | Organic Rigging | Script | Direction | Editing | Compositing

  • 2D Creation

Preproduction | Preview

  • General and artistic culture


  • Active English


  • Career Support


  • Options to choose from

Procedural Modeling | Modeling of Stylized Character | Morphology realistic | Stylized Morphology | Visual Development 2D | Trucing | 2D Staging | Roto-Animation | 3D Acting


  • Joint projects

Time Freeze
End of Project Bachelor
Work Experience Project

  • Specialized projects

Sweded Teaser | Rush Animation

  • Internship / Professional Experience


At least 13 weeks over the 2nd and 3rd Years of the program

work-study program



  • 3D Creation

3D Sculpture | Textures | Lighting and Rendering | Character FX (Fabric, Hair) | Advanced Rigging

  • 2D Creation

Development | Staging | Compositing | Calibration

  • General and artistic culture


  • Active English


  • Career Support


  • Options to choose from

Realistic / stylized Preproduction | Dynamic Simulation | 3D Animation advanced | Filming | 3D Layout

  • Projects

Dynamic Simulation (Particles, Destruction, Explosion) | Rush Animation | Image compositing Filmed  | 3D image compositing | Shooting | Animatic 3D | Specialization Project | 3D Environment |  Cine Week | Graduation Project | Professional positioning project | TOEIC

  • Internship / Professional Experience

At least 13 weeks over the year of Master's


What the companies say...



Professional jury for 3D/FX