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Music & Sound Design

Music & Sound Design

Create soundtracks for films and video games


High School Diploma + Entrance Exam






600h of training + Internship
then Cooperative education in 3rd year


  • icon 80%

    Selection in the Admissions Test

  • icon_business_work 80%

    Employment rate of last three graduate classes

  • icon 95%

    Alumni satisfied with their course (2020/2021/2022 years)


Become a sound designer

  • What training should I take to become a sound Designer ?

  • What employment opportunities are open to me ?

  • Entry requirements

  • What are the objectives of the program ?

  • What skills will I acquire on the course ?

  • How am I taught ?

  • How am I assessed ?

  • Develop your employability

  • What qualification will I get ?

Program taught in French

The Bachelor’s degree in Music & Sound Design is a professional course. It is intended for people who are passionate about acoustics, music and sound and who wish to start a career as a Sound Designer or Interactive Music Composer.

The course is intended for beginners who wish to learn the profession and also for those with more experience who are directly admitted into the second year.

During the Bachelor's degree, students learn all aspects of the profession: understanding artistic direction, mixing, sound creation and recording. They work in multidisciplinary teams, like a production in the industry.

The Music & Sound Design course prepares students for various roles such as: Sound Designer | Composer | Sound Editor

To enter the first year of the Music & Sound Design course, candidates must have the French baccalaureate (high school diploma or equivalent) and pass the admissions test: interview, written tests and presentation of a portfolio.   It is possible to enter directly into the second year of the course depending on the results obtained in the admission tests.

All details are given in the Admissions Guide.

Acquire the skills of a sound designer to create the sound and musical universe of films and video games:

  • To be able to understand an artistic direction, a mixing, a sound creation, a recording
  • Master the technique, be fast and creative
  • Be able to understand the vision of the production teams and master the technical tools that will be used to bring the project to life
  • Sound design: Layering design; Sound synthesis
  • Music: Music Conceptualization; Music Production; Rendering Quality
  • Sound engineering: Recording; Mixing; Sound editing; Computer Science
  • Sound Interactivity: Integration; Interactivity; Documentation
  • Theoretical and practical teaching: lectures, application exercises, practical work, tutorials
  • Production of projects: monitoring and supervision by teachers during the realization of projects (end of year project, final major project)

The school has set up a fair and objective evaluation system:

  • Continuous Assessment (case studies, role-playing, presentations, demonstrations)
  • Project presentations (end of year project, final major project) in front of a school or professional jury
  • Written and oral evaluations in English
  • Professional experience report and presentation

The first two years of the full-time Music & Sound Design program include a two-month internship during the summer months.

In the third year, students are required to complete a minimum of 13 weeks of in-company assignments (internships, professionalization or apprenticeship contracts, missions, etc.).

The school delivers a Music & Sound Design degree to students who have successfully completed the course.



  • Bachelor's Year 1
  • Bachelor's Year 2
  • Bachelor's Year 3
Full time


Program taught in French

  • Music
    Organology | Composition and orchestration | Applied music | Art direction | Introduction to computer music | Introduction to mixing | Electronic music on Ableton Live


  • Sound Design
    Digital audio | Introduction to programming | Introduction to sound design | Introduction to REAPER | Introduction to sound recording | Introduction to foley | Game Engine (FMOD/Unity)


  • Culture
    Video game & Cinema


  • Active English


  • Career Support
  • Projects

Cine Week
Video Game

Citizenchip project
Collaborative Projects: Game



full time


Program taught in French

  • Music
    Organology | Composition and orchestration | Applied music | Computer music | Music mixing | Art direction


  • Sound Design
    Digital audio | Field recording | Postproduction | Game engine (FMOD, WWISE, Unity, unreal engine) | Sound recording workshops | Sound effects | Mixing for cinema (PROTOOLS) | Programming


  • Culture
    Video games


  • Active English


  • Career Support
  • Projects

Cine Week
Game Week
Collaborative Game Project
Intercurricular Graduation Project (3D Film)



  • Internship / Professional Experience

Two-month internship during the first two years of the Bachelor's program (summer)

Work-study program


Program taught in French

  • Music
    Organology | Composition and orchestration | Soundtrack creation | Interactive music | Art direction 
  • Sound Design
    Digital audio | Post-production | Game engine (Wwise/Unreal Engine) | Programmation
  • Active English
  • Career Support
  • Projects

Presentation of work experience
Intercurricular Graduation Project Video Game


  • Internship / Professional Experience

At least 13 weeks hours over the year





Professional jury 3D/FX



Professional jury Video Game