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The little shoemaker

The little shoemaker

End of Year Project - class of 2015

the film

In a timeless street of Paris stands a shoemaker’s shop. Mr. Botte takes care of his shoes with such passion and skill that they come to life and start moving under his expert hands. But his daily life is about to be disturbed as a most peculiar street vendor unfolds his stall just in front of Mr. Botte’s store.


G. Alais, T. Bonvard, C. Carlier, R. Cislo, P.-Y. Lefebvre, P. Lim, B. Mariotte et K. Nawfal

Music & Sound Design

F. Costes, T. Gallienne, A. Graziani, R. Haentjens et A. Montero

The little shoemaker