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Japan partnership

As the cultural birthplace of video games and 3D animation, Japan is still a leader in these fields.


ISART has built excellent relationships to develop ISARTians’ minds and concept of international culture. The school has established high-quality partnerships with two internationally renowned Japanese schools.


Thanks to these exchanges, plenty of our alumni have been able to move to Japan and work there, creating a very close-knit community.





Our partnership with the prestigious Tokyo University of Technology allows students to discover the international culture of the video game and 3D-FX animation industries.


As part of the one-month stay, students participate in a Game Jam, with the finished games being presented at the Tokyo Game Show. During the stays of 6 to 12 months, students carry out a research thesis project with a TUT professor.




ISART has also signed a major partnership with one of Japan's leading video game schools: Niigata Computer College (NCC), the school behind the winners of the Grand Student Prize at the Tokyo Game Show.

Students can choose to study for an additional year at NCC and thus obtain a Japanese degree or for a month-long short stay and participate in the Tokyo Game Show.