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  • icon 90%

    Students satisfied with their training (2020-2021-2022 years)

  • icon_diploma 93%

    Success rate in diploma (last three graduate classes)

  • icon_business_work 94%

    Employment rate 3 years after graduation


Performance indicators

ISART is committed to providing the best learning environment for its students by relying on a pedagogical team that is expert in the field of 3D video games and VFX animation.


The school has established reliable and quantified performance indicators to evaluate its efficiency and effectiveness in the accomplishment of its missions.


The indicators monitored are the student satisfaction rate, the certification success rate, and the employment rate of the last three graduating classes.



Pedagogical charter

The key principles of Pedagogy take the form of six commitments:


  • To offer training of excellence delivered by high level and passionate professionals
  • Provide a supportive environment for learning by fostering caring, respect and sharing
  • Focusing teaching on professional practice at school and work-study programs in companies
  • Favour collaborative work, development of social intelligence and openness to others
  • Promoting creativity, innovation and research
  • Provide a fair and equitable assessment that reflects skill development



Policy and rules

In order for the school to be a place of life and creativity that respects everyone's freedom in benevolence and tolerance, ISART has formalized rules for "living well together". They are formulated in :


  • the Rules of Procedure
  • the Institution's Study Regulations
  • the Charter and Computer Uses
  • the Professional Experience Guide
  • the Code of Ethics


Continuous improvement

ISART has put a Quality strategy in place and is committed to continuous improvement. Our aim is to deliver high-quality video game and 3D-VFX film degree courses, linked closely to the needs of the fast-moving film and video game industry.

The school draws on its expertise: an original educational project, internationally recognised, strong connections with the industry and its institutional network, support for entrepreneurship and emerging talent.

ISART draws on efficient governance and fixes independent quality objectives, monitored using performance indicators.




Successful governance

Corporate governance aims to improve the school’s performance and consequently improve student and partner satisfaction.

ISART has a series of rules defining the school’s strategy in line with its mission, values and vision.

The governing bodies involve each stakeholder in the ISART project and collect their opinions: students, alumni, businesses, executive management, management team and employees.


ISART team

  • Executive Committee

Made up of the Directors of each department, it decides on strategy and the organisation of the school, and reviews files. Meets twice monthly.


  • Learning and Teaching Committee

Made up of Executive managers, Quality manager, Heads of faculty, it decides on course content, research and pedagogical monitoring. Meets twice monthly.


  • Graduate Studies and Student Life Council

This Council discusses, advises and makes suggestions concerning all aspects of the organisation of graduate studies and student life (policy & rules, organisation of the academic year, reception conditions, associations, evaluation of the syllabus).

  • Syllabus Evaluation Councils

Students carry out a full self-assessment of each course syllabus.

Combined with other results (situations analyses, alumni feedback…) these evaluations trigger an action plan. This establishes measures to be taken to continue to guarantee the excellent quality of teaching and learning at ISART Digital.

Industry professionals

  • The Improvement Councils

The aim of the development council is to ensure the adequacy and evolution of the training courses in accordance with the expectations of the professional sectors. It meets annually.

There is one development council per program.

  • The Research Council

Its objective is to set the priority research topics for the institution (teaching teams and students) in partnership with companies in the sector, their laboratories and laboratories or teacher-researchers from other institutions.



ISART is pursuing its continuous improvement approach and has obtained Qualiopi certification. It attests to the quality of the processes implemented at the school based on specific criteria, such as:

  • clear information on the training offer
  • the teaching resources
  • for monitoring students
  • the quality of the ISART team
  • the place of the school in its ecosystem...