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What type of world do you feel closest to?

  1. A technical world where you can experiment and learn new languages

  2. An imaginary world with a captivating story

    Pixar films, Ghibli
  3. An immersive world offering many possibilities

    Assassin's Creed
  4. A realistic universe with breathtaking effects

  5. A playful and original universe

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How is your creative potential best expressed?

  1. Creating film scripts/game mechanics

  2. Drawing characters or scenery

  3. Learning new languages and developing

  4. Making creation with 3D tools or with photography

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What kinds of research does your interest motivate you to do?

  1. Surfing the web and discovering/mastering new programming languages

  2. Closely watching animation film making-ofs and being on the lookout for new 2D/3D short films

  3. Analyzing gameplay tests done by specialized video game sites

  4. Looking out for buzz around the newest independent games that you can test and show your friends

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What part of a video game or film are you the most interested in?

  1. The technological complexity (multiplayer games, hardware equipment, 3D

  2. The concept and inside workings of the action (game mechanisms, storylines)

  3. The aesthetic quality of the scenery and characters

  4. The development of character emotions, the animations / trailers

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What kind of production would you like to work on?

  1. A pc or console game, multiplayer

  2. A virtual reality game

  3. A mobile game (casual or hardcore)

  4. A series or an animated film

  5. A blockbuster with many special effects

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What’s your dream job?

  1. Like Shigeru Myamoto (Mario…), you want to create new ways of playing in a structured environment

  2. Like Markus 'Notch' Persson, you want to come up with and programme new game worlds by starting your own company

  3. Like George Lucas, imagine fantastic universes with special effects

    Star Wars
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What work situation can you see yourself in, most easily?

  1. Freelancing, working from one project to the next while keeping your independance

  2. Working in a company at the heart of an interactive team

  3. Working in a company, leading a team, organizing team work

  4. Being an entrepreneur, with your own studio of independent games


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