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  • icon 2d school in the world

    in professional integration and students projects (source GAMEducation world ranking)

  • icon 20 years

    of pedagogical expertise

  • icon_business_work 92%

    employment rate 3 years after graduation


A school of excellence

ISART Digital is a private higher education institute dedicated to preparing students for careers in Video Games, 3D-FX Animation and Music & Sound Design.

ISART holds worldwide recognition among institutions and professionals:

  • Ranked #2 best video game schools in the world for professional integration & students projects according to GAMEducation 2023 ranking
  • ISART is one of the best schools in the world and has been ranked #1 by The Rookies, #2 by, #3 by
  • Prestigious awards and selections in video game & 3D-FX animation (UNITY Awards (USA), THE GAME Awards (USA), Annecy (France)...)
  • Degrees accredited by the French government (RNCP level 7) and by the Canadian government (AEC)


A specialized preparation

The video game and 3D FX animation industries are constantly intermingling, influencing and inspiring each other. It’s for this reason that ISART offers courses that include collaborative projects between students across different programs.

It’s a definite plus for ISARTians and their future careers, as they are immersed in this culture on a daily basis, as they would be in the industry.


Since its creation, ISART has placed the company at the heart of its educational system. The school has chosen a quality pedagogy adapted to the rhythm of work-study programs.

With this alternating study/work system, students are able to approach the professional world with much more serenity and confidence.

Over the years, they gain experience in companies and naturally enter the industry at the end of their studies.


The school's excellent reputation is based mainly on the placement rate of its graduates.

Thanks to the work-study program and the quality of the teaching, students naturally join the best video game and 3D animation studios in the world.


An indie school

ISART was born from the strategic vision of its founders Xavier Rousselle and Karin Houpillart. Since the school's creation in 2001, they offered a new and original format for studies: world-class theoretical training provided by industry professionals on an alternating basis in the heart of industry studios.

Today, the school is renowned for the quality of its unique and innovative pedagogy. Free-spirited and with strategic choices, ISART encourages innovation and creativity.

It anticipates developments in the sector to be at the forefront of cutting-edge expertise.



A caring community

ISART offers an environment conducive to the creativity and fulfillment of its students. To guarantee a serene and caring work environment, the school is very attentive to the respect of essential values:

  • freedom of information, opinion and expression
  • the principle of secularism
  • the fight against moral harassment, sexual harassment, sexist and sexual violence, intimidation and discrimination, hazing
  • respect for privacy and the right to one's own image
  • A citizen's journey

  • Students involved

  • Code of ethics

  • Diversity

ISART Digital encourages its students to integrate environmental, social and societal issues into their creative thinking.
To encourage this state of mind, the school has set up the Human and Citizen Path, which is compulsory in the 1st year.

Each student follows masterclasses and workshops and must commit to a citizen project of his or her choice.

The students regularly choose to deal with a subject that affects them in order to raise public awareness through their video game or 3D-FX film productions.

For example, the concept of the game "Palaka" was designed by the Montreal students, in collaboration with the studio Réflector, to be accessible to people with autism spectrum disorders.

In addition, during the annual Cine Week and Game Week, students work on societal topics such as "All different?", "Make a better world", "10 billion consumers".

Thought out and written with the students, the school has formalized its commitments in an Ethical Charter that applies to everyone:

  • to respect 4 essential values that are benevolence, sharing, respect, openness to others
  • have a civic commitment
  • and develop a quality of life at work
  • inclusion and fighting against violence and discrimination

ISART Digital promotes diversity in and equal opportunities to the video game and 3D-FX animation professions.

The school stays abreast of information and advances inclusive education for students through conferences and partnerships.

The school is a member of Women In Games and Women Animate (Les Femmes s'Animent) and hosts, in partnership with Magic Maker, mother-daughter programming workshops.