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Video Games

Video Games

7 courses

Campus Paris

Game Art

Campus Montréal

Technical Design
Game Art
Tech Game Art
Game Design
Game Programming
Game Data Analyst

For 20 years, ISART Digital, the school of video games, has been training the younger generation in the creative professions of the sector. The school is reputed worldwide for excellence among industry professionals.

Seven video game training courses in Paris or Montreal

ISART trains students in the occupations in demand in the industry: game design, video game programming, video game artists (universe & graphics), project manager... The pedagogy is centred around three key axes:
  • Technical and/or artistic skills
  • Social skills (reliability, interaction, dynamism, communication in English)
  • Professional skills (professional placement during the course)
These professions are in constant evolution. They must anticipate trends and adapt to technical and technological advances. To do this, the video game courses are regularly presented for approval to committees made up of professionals in the sector.
The quality of the video game training courses is based on a teaching team of recognized experts connected to the professional world. Recruited from the best studios in the industry, they qualified to teach and transmit their knowledge.
The permanent team is complemented by professionals in key sectors who come to bring their knowledge of the professions and recent innovations.

Video game training that leads to employment

Thanks to its efficient organization, ISART is proud to be ranked number one video game school for employability in the video game and interactive media industry in Europe and Quebec (source LinkedIn 2020).
ISART students are employed all over the world: 22% of them choose to work abroad, in the heart of dynamic countries in the sector (Canada, Japan...).
Depending on their career choices, they are hired by all types of studios to work on independent or AAA games. But also in sectors that take up challenges such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, big data (banking, aeronautics, IT services, etc.).

Professionalizing video game training

Professional experience is at the heart of the school's pedagogy. It is reflected in the choice of work-study programs which take the form of short contracts, internships or professionalization contracts in companies.
From the second year (3rd year for Game Programming), students have a compulsory experience in a company, to validate their school year and degree course.
These professional experiences are monitored by the Corporate Relations department, which guides and accompanies students throughout their schooling in their work experience process.
The work-study program thus allows a natural transition between school and the company and the employability of a high percentage of outgoing graduates.

Video game training courses leading to a diploma

  • Game Art / Tech Game Art training: Bachelor's Degree
  • Game Design Training: Master's Degree
  • Game Programming Training: Master's Degree
  • Producer Training: Bachelor's Degree


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