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A 100% independent school

ISART Digital is a private, non-subsidized school, whose only source of income is the payment of training fees.

For the founders of the school, it is essential that ISART remains independent to maintain a high level of quality and freedom of action:

  • all resources are reinvested in ISART Digital to finance the school's operations, development and innovation
  • ISART has chosen to offer a free entrance competition
  • ISART has chosen to ask students to have a laptop computer, an essential piece of equipment for working from home (after class, or to ensure the continuity of classes during a lockdown)





  • Registration fees Flat rate for the entire course 200$CAD/year
  • Bachelor (equivalent) Flat rate for the entire course 13 550$CAD/year
  • Master (equivalent) Flat rate for the entire course 13 950$CAD/year
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  • Registration fees per year 450€
  • MSC Game & Creative Strategy Taught in English European students tuitions /year 11 000€
  • MSC Game & Creative Strategy Taught in English No-European students tuitions /year 14 000€


The possibilities

  • Financial Aid for Education

  • Student job

  • ISART Scholarship

  • International students

The AEC programs are eligible for Financial Aid for Studies. Do not hesitate to contact the school to find out how.

It is advisable, as far as possible, not to exceed 10 hours per week in order to balance work and study time.

ISART contributes up to 50% to the financing of the last year of study of one student per program (based on criteria of motivation, personal project, academic results and personal situation).

For international rates (outside Canada and Europe), please contact the school by email at